Family psychotherapists, who have completed or are undergoing family psychotherapy training and meet the requirements set out in Section 2.2.1 of the EFTA Statutes, can apply for membership of the Estonian Family Therapy Association by submitting an application.

For more information on membership, see Sections 2.1 and 2.3. of the Statutes.

The Board of the Association decides on the admission of a member and informs the candidate of the decision of the Board no later than one week after the decision is made.

Members of the Association and board members are exempt from paying the membership fee.

A member has the right to withdraw from the association by submitting an application at the end of the financial year, having given written notice thereof three months before the end of the financial year.

A member of the association may be expelled from the association by a decision of the Board for failure to pay the membership fee for three years; for repeated violation of the Statute or significant impairment of the activities of the Association; for violation of the Code of Ethics; for deliberately providing incorrect information to the Association upon admission. For more information, see Article 2.9.

Exclusion of a member of the Association shall be decided by the Board by notifying the member to be excluded electronically (at the email address known to the Association) at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting. The member of the Association to be excluded has the right to attend the Board meeting. The decision to exclude a member requires a 2/3 majority vote of Board members. A member to be excluded from the association will be notified electronically within two weeks of the exclusion decision.